My Name is Samuel Gultom, born in Pontianak, 12 September 2006. I am now almost 3 years old, and already go to preschool near my home. Actually my age was not older enough to go to preschool, because I was not 3 years old at least. But my Dad's told the principles that I have to socialize to other kids, since there is no kids at the same age as me in my home environment, so the best thing to do is to include me to the preschool.

This is my other site that my Dad's written for me. Here I am talking about Baby, Kids, Health, Nutrition, Herbal, Medicine, Activity, PreSchool, Kindergarden, Toys, Growth, Development and other related articles. My Dad's did this because he want me to be actively writting somedays, and this site will be mine someday.

There are related Blogs about me, which my Dad's already write, I encourage you to check it out at : Blogger, Webs, WordPress, Opera and Synthasite, and Blog . And there are several social page featured me, at : Face Book, MyBloglog, Tecnocrati, Digg, Google ReaderBable Playground, Bababies, and others. And of course I have photos of mine too at : Flickr, Tabblo, Picassa and Kodak